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About Our Group

Comunica Spanish is associated with Spanish World Group, the leading Spanish teaching Institution in Southeast Asia, with schools in Singapore, Malaysia & Hong Kong and 15+ years of experience.

These schools are the only ones in those countries accredited by the Cervantes Institute, signaling the quality and standards of our teaching.

Now, through Comunica, Spanish World brings to Europe all its expertise and knowledge in Spanish Language Teaching. We are here to show Europe how amazing Hispanity is and how easily you can all learn Spanish!


To make Hispanic language, culture and heritage a global benchmark.


To be the best Spanish Language School in the world.


To be proud of promoting Hispanic language and culture.

Our Teachers


Ibagué, Colombia

In my first classes as a teacher, many of my students often thought that I was one of them and they felt so shocked when I started the class and they realized that I was the teacher. I started as a 24 year old teacher, who doesn’t look “very Spanish”, so I was mistaken for a student many times.



Madrid, Spain

I love teaching maybe because I love people and I’m a little bossy. I’m kidding. I love it, it is my passion. Teaching my language and everything it means it’s fascinating. I learn a lot from my students and I get to know different cultures everyday thanks to my profession.


Buenos aires, Argentina

Languages are a good way of bringing cultures closer and it helps to bridge the gaps between different worlds. The Hispanic world is more present than ever in the world of culture, so learning spanish language is another way of getting closer to your favorite things.


Bilbao, spain

My best class studies at the A2 level – the San Miguel module – and I am impressed by the progress they’re making.


Madrid, Spain

My background is in Linguistics, so for me to teach Comunica classes was a great way to reach students in a more targeted, efficient way.


CDMX, MExico

Teaching Spanish to eager students is my passion!  I want the world to know the beauty of the Spanish language and the Latin cultures.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

I’m a teacher but also a writer for some of the digital activities, so for me being able to incorporate and reinforce the online lessons in my classes is especially rewarding.


valladolid, spain

It is fun to teach with Comunica, because students come to class already having some background and questions, ready to learn and enjoy!


Madrid, Spain

For me the fun thing about Comunica is the “edu-tevenovela”, Buena Onda, because the students always have something to say about the latest episode, it’s actually pretty fun to watch!


Barcelona, Spain

I have been teaching Spanish for 40 years now!  It is always a joy watching students “click” into understanding more and more.  It’s these “clicks” that make this job rewarding to me.  Gracias!


Pamplona, Spain

I pride myself on being openminded and I like to connect with students from different cultures – it’s truly one of the great things about being a Spanish teacher.  That, and watching students go from zero to Spanish heroes!


Barcelona, Spain

I am close to teaching 10,000 hours of Spanish and I am still loving it!  My schedule is quite full of ongoing intermediate classes now, but I hope I can start with a new group soon.  Come and join me!

Our Managers


Madrid, Spain

For me Comunica is the best we’ve done so far, in terms of engaging students and keeping them motivated.  The have our own ecosystem that the students can get lost in, but at the same time have a common reference point, is a great way to accomplish our goal of teaching Spanish.


Barcelona, Spain

As one of the creators of Comunica, it is gratifying to see students advancing quickly, and having fun while they do it!  I hope you’ll join one of our classes soon, whether you’re an experienced student or just starting your Spanish life.


Guatemala City / Hong Kong

Spanish is one of the easiest language to pick up, but students still need someone to guide them, and more than that, they need resources to work with.  I am proud of the resources we’ve created for our students, and proud of our teachers who bring the material to life.


Washington DC / Costa Rica

As a heritage Spanish speaker, I am always trying to improve my level, and Comunica has helped me by “attacking” each topic from a variety of angles.  I really feel that the method has something to offer every kind of student.  Variety is the spice of life!


Hong Kong

I’m a long term Spanish student, currently at B2 level, and what I’m lately finding helpful is just watching the Buena Onda telenovelas over and over.  I’m not saying it’s what everyone should do, but it works for me right now!  ¡Ánimo!



I really enjoy watching the students get better and better at Spanish, and helping them along their Spanish journey.  It’s nice to work in a place where the people are always improving themselves.

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