The Economic Power of the Spanish-Speaking World

Spanning 21 countries and 460 million native speakers, the Spanish-speaking world is a significant economic force, excelling in sectors like tourism, manufacturing, digital economy, renewable energy, agriculture, and mining. Its influence is also felt in the US, where the Hispanic population represents substantial purchasing power.

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Exploring Spanish Accents and Regional Differences

Spanish is a global, diverse and rich language and, as such, there are differences in accents, vocab and slang expressions not only across countries, but within them, too. Read this post and watch the videos to get a sense of just how awesome the Spanish language is

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costa rica

10-day trip to… Panama and Costa Rica

Our “10-day trip to…” series presents one of the many, many trip options you could take to a fantastic Hispanic destination. Our recommendations are not exhaustive but simply want to serve as a taste opener of what you can experience throughout Hispanity

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Dance and Language: The Rhythms of Latin Culture

Explore Latin culture through dance and language. Popular Latino dances, like salsa and tango, help develop non-verbal communication skills. Learning these dances can enhance your Spanish, making conversations more engaging and helping you connect with native speakers on a deeper level.

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