Top Mistakes English Speakers Make When Learning Spanish

Embarking on the Spanish learning journey? Watch out for common pitfalls! From deceptive ‘false friends’ to tricky verb conjugations and gendered nouns, English speakers often stumble. Add in pronunciation challenges and the elusive subjunctive mood, and you’ve got quite an adventure ahead!

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Learn basic Spanish for your Summer Trips!

Plan your sun-drenched holiday to a Spanish-speaking country with a sprinkle of Español! From basic greetings to food, navigation, shopping, and emergencies, our fun guide helps you learn essential Spanish phrases for an enriched travel experience. Dive into Spanish this summer and create unforgettable memories. ¡Buen viaje!

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The Economic Power of the Spanish-Speaking World

Spanning 21 countries and 460 million native speakers, the Spanish-speaking world is a significant economic force, excelling in sectors like tourism, manufacturing, digital economy, renewable energy, agriculture, and mining. Its influence is also felt in the US, where the Hispanic population represents substantial purchasing power.

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Exploring Spanish Accents and Regional Differences

Spanish is a global, diverse and rich language and, as such, there are differences in accents, vocab and slang expressions not only across countries, but within them, too. Read this post and watch the videos to get a sense of just how awesome the Spanish language is

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