charlas al fresco

Charlas al fresco


Should a small Spanish town’s tradition of ‘outdoor chats’ be recognized by the United Nations as an element of  Intangible Cultural Heritage?

Well, obviously it’s not for us to decide… but we applaud the Mayor of Algar, señor José Carlos Sánchez, in his efforts to preserve the cultural tradition of chilling outside your house in the open air for some refreshing neighborly chatter.

We also congratulate him on his success in drawing attention to Algar, a town of just 1,644 inhabitants in the Andalusia region of Spain.

Says Sr. Sánchez: “It’s the opposite of social media.  This is about face-to-face conversations.  We want to return to having everyone outside of their doors alfresco instead of scrolling through Facebook or watching television inside their homes.”


By the way, the process of receiving approval to join the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritages can take years.  Stay tuned!  We will keep you posted about how it goes for Algar’s ‘charlas al freso’!

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