Free Online Spanish Lesson For Beginners



This is the beginning of your journey to Spanish fluency. The very first Spanish lesson for beginners of our Comunica curriculum, for free, open to you so you can start learning right away!

Work your way down the media and micro-lessons on this page and take your first step into Spanish.

Start Learning Spanish Right Now in 3 Easy Steps

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1. Comunica Primer

How does the Comunica Method work?

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2. Digital Activities

Four Subjects Your Should Practice DAILY!



Each of the below buttons will lead you to a new activity (opening in a new tab). Complete them one by one, then watch Episode 1 our ‘Buena Onda’ series, a purpose-made mini-sitcom that leverages to power of storytelling to give you lasting Spanish knowledge.

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Our Original 100% Spanish Sitcom!

Five-minute, easy-to-follow stories to increase your vocabulary and get you accustomed to real-world Spanish phrases.

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Our Lee activities are designed with your reading comprehension in mind.  Today we start with the building blocks of written Spanish.  Are you ready to learn the Spanish alphabet?  As with the whole of your student journey ahead, we advise that you think of your Spanish as a step by step process, or in this case, letter by letter.  Have fun!

Your complete guide with pronunciation, examples, and descriptions of the 27 letters used in beautiful Spanish.

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Radio Madrid

Listen to the following audio clip, following along with the transcript provided below.

Fernando: ¡Hola! ¡Hola! ¡Hola! ¡Buenos días! Bienvenidos al programa de fútbol de Radio Madrid.

Fernando: Yo soy Fernando Ramírez. 

Laura: Y yo soy Laura García.

Fernando: ¿Cómo estás, Laura?

Laura: Muy bien, ¿y tú?

Fernando: También muy bien.

Laura: ¡Estamos muy bien! ja, ja, ja.

Fernando: Laura, ¿cuál es el top 5 de la Liga de Fútbol español?

Laura:  Fútbol Club Barcelona: 12 puntos; Real Madrid: 11 puntos; Atlético de Madrid: 9 puntos; Athletic Club de Bilbao: 8 puntos; y Sevilla: 7 puntos.

Fernando: Perfecto. Gracias. ¡Continuamos!

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When you watch this video, you don’t have to understand everything!  Get the jist, and trust your brain to fill in the gaps.  Our Comunica comprehensible input helps you immerse yourself in Spanish, wherever you choose to study.

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3. Real-Time Practice

The main ingredient of Comunica is the real-time lesson with your native, expert, awesome teacher!  Get an idea of the experience with the final video of our lesson.

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