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Welcome aboard Comunica’s online Spanish courses! We only have one goal: we want you to actually learn Spanish and love every step of the journey. But we aim to do this in fun, enriching and engaging way: we aspire to teach you Spanish while we offer a unique cultural immersion, bringing the vibrant Hispanic world right to your fingertips.

Our priority at Comunica Spanish is, as our name suggests, communication. We want our students to speak Spanish fluently and confidently, as quickly as possible. Our approach involves a blend of live classes led by expert instructors and self-study tasks. This structure not only provides guided learning and convenience but also helps you speak Spanish effectively, for the real world. You will speak real Spanish, real fast.

All courses include

£ 56/month £169 total for entire module
  • Weekly lessons - 11/12 weeks total
  • 30+ hours of learning between live classes and self-paced work
  • Complete access to our learning platform
  • Our own Textbook
  • "Compañera" (buddy, guide) to manage any issues you might have
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Group Courses for BEGINNERS


Mondays 7-8.30pm UK

Starting October 2nd


Tuesdays 12.30-2pm UK

Starting October 3rd

Group Courses for NON-BEGINNERS


Thursdays 12.30-2pm UK

Starting Oct. 5th


Tuesdays 7pm-8.30pm UK

Starting Oct. 3rd


Thursdays 7pm-8.30pm UK

Starting Sept. 21st


Weds. 7pm-8.30pm UK

Starting October . 11th

Private classes

1 hour

Starting (31 pounds per hour)

5 hours

Starting (30 pounds per hour)

10 hours

Starting (27 pounds per hour)

Contact Us




+34 630281916


C/ Claudio Coello 106
28006 Madrid, Spain


There are a total of 6 levels, following the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

  • A1 & A2, beginner
  • B1 & B2, intermediate
  • C1 & C1, advanced

Each level is then divided into sub-levels, which we call modules. With Comunica, each module is named after a Hispanic city.  You will start your journey at MADRID (A1.1) and finish it in BUENOS AIRES (C2.7).

It is entirely up to you! With Comunica, you can decide which learning pace is best for you. We propose a standard pace of 11 weeks per module but you have complete flexibility to decide if you want to learn faster or slower!

Each step of the module consists of self-paced digital components (media lessons & quizzes) and real-time lessons. Both elements are completely intertwined and complement each other. Approximately 35% of your total learning time will be done digitally and 65% in real-time.  However, different students will approach the content and learn in their own way.

Comunica is designed to give you structure and flexibility! 

Do not worry. With Comunica, you will have multiple options and times available to register for every class. Once you are ready and want to attend your next class, you can look for available slots and register for the one most convenient to you!

Absolutely. This is our promise to you: you will learn, and moreover, you will enjoy your learning!


Learn Spanish online with the best teachers

Comunica Spanish provides a unique language learning experience. We go far, far beyond teaching grammar and vocabulary. Those were the old, boring days! Our online Spanish classes are 100% focused on conversation. We want you to practice, practice a lot so when you go out of the classroom you are more than ready to talk to native Spanish speakers.

Our self-paced work tools, packed with engaging videos, audios, texts, and hundreds & hundreds of quizzes, empower you to take control of your learning journey, practicing and perfecting your Spanish skills at your own rhythm and convenience

And, as we said, we bring Hispanity to your fingertips: we journey into diverse areas like Hispanic customs, culinary arts, music, history, and real-life scenarios. We want you to not just learn Spanish, but live it, experiencing the lively Hispanic world firsthand.

Our team of teachers forms the backbone of Comunica’s Spanish classes. All of them, without exception are native Spanish speakers from around Hispanity; and all of them are trained, certified educators. Our teachers make learning Spanish not just an academic task but an engaging, cultural, fun process.

A standout feature of our online Spanish courses is the dedicated “compañera.” Every student is assigned a “compañera”, a buddy committed to guiding them through the Spanish learning process. They are there to assist you in overcoming any learning hurdles, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

We offer value for money, with our all-inclusive Spanish course packages providing more than 30 hours of learning over a period of 10 to 12 weeks. This includes live classes, a multitude of self-study materials available on our platform, and a course-specific guidebook.

Comunica Spanish is more than an online Spanish course provider. We aspire to be your trusted partner in your Spanish learning journey. Our unique teaching approach, professional educators, affordable courses, and the “compañera” support system collaborate to deliver a rewarding and culturally enriching learning experience. Choose Comunica Spanish and embark on an exciting exploration of the Spanish language and culture.

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