Take a Sneak Peek at our Learning Method

Comunica combines two learning approaches: self-paced and live, teacher-led, both of which intertwine to make the learning extremely effective.

We follow inductive learning, meaning students first work on their own through video, texts, audios, and are guided to discover the vocab & rules of the language; and then, students head to a live class with their teacher, where the goal is to practice, practice and practice through roleplays, games, dynamics and tasks.

This cycle repeats itself every lesson.

So you can familiarize yourself with our method, find below a sample of some of the self-paced digital content, and a couple of recordings of some class dynamics (corresponding to beginner levels). Also, take a look at one of our Textbooks, the one on the very first module.


General Explanatory Video

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Self-paced Digital Content

Meet the characters of BUENA ONDA, our delightfully-quirky purpose-written sitcom.  See for yourself how narrative-driven lessons, with multi language subtitles, can make learning Spanish easy and entertaining! Before and after each episode, you will do some quizzes aimed at understanding the vocabulary

Find a sample episode of BUENA ONDA here

This is the reading section, where you will specially-written posts, tweets, cartoons, postcards, scripts and many other formats, all designed to help you learn Spanish for the real world, in real-life situations.  Before and after each text, you will do some quizzes to test your understanding.

Find a text sample here

Find another text sample here

The listening section, containing our customized and engaging conversations, interviews, podcasts and so to train your ear for understanding real Spanish-speakers, in real-life situations.

Press play to listen to a sample audio

Press play to listen to a new sample audio

Aprende will cover the basics of grammar – a crucial aspect of any language, and one which is well-suited to self-study.  Start to learn it at home, then come to class with your questions prepared!

Press play to listen to a video on pronunciation, featuring with real students testing their skills

Though Practica is last on our list, it is perhaps the most important part of your digital tool kit!

Through a progression of hundreds of quizzes you’ll see your weekly progress and identify any hurdles where the teacher can help to give you a boost.

TEST OUT our mobile-friendly Practica activities from some a few of our courses:

Audio quiz from our Barcelona (A1.2) course

Flashcard multi-choice quiz from our CDMX (A2.1) course

Advanced crossword puzzle from our La Habana (B1.1) course

Writing quiz from our La Habana (B1.1) course

Audio quiz from our La Habana (B1.1) course

Live online classes (clips)

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Sample Pages Textbook Beginner Module (Madrid)

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