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Some thoughts on why you should learn Spanish

Hispanity is awesome and Spanish a beautiful language. This is more a sentiment than a rational argument, so today we are going to try to give some more solid and logical reasons on why you should learn Spanish.

First, Spanish is a global powerhouse. It is spoken by 500 million native speakers globally, making it the second largest native language in the world. Hispanity spreads around the Earth, and is the official language of 21 countries, mainly in Latin America but, fun fact, also in Africa: Spanish is an official language in Equatorial Guinea.

Knowing Spanish can provide a range of benefits, both personally and professionally. On a personal level, Speaking Spanish can greatly enhance travel experiences in Spanish-speaking countries. Being able to communicate with the locals in their own language can make a huge difference in your trips, helping you to better understand their culture, make new friends, and have more meaningful connections to the place.

Cultural enrichment is another significant benefit of learning Spanish. Knowing the language opens up a whole new world of literature, music, film, and culture. Spanish-speaking countries have a rich and diverse cultural heritage, and by learning the language, you can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of their history, traditions, and values. Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Cuba… the cultural richness of Hispanity is second to none.

From a professional standpoint, Spanish is a crucial language for international trade and commerce. Around 9% of global GDP is generated in Spanish. Spanish can open doors for your not only to Latin America and Spain, but increasingly to the USA, where over 20% of the population already speaks Spanish. Being able to communicate in Spanish can help bridge the language barrier between companies and clients, leading to more successful business dealings and increased profits.

Knowing Spanish can also be an asset in the job market, particularly in industries such as tourism, education, and translation. Companies are increasingly looking for employees who are multilingual and knowing Spanish can give you an edge in the job market and increase your earning potential.

Additionally, studies have shown that learning a second language can improve cognitive abilities and brain function. Learning Spanish can increase memory capacity, enhance problem-solving skills, and improve decision-making abilities. This is because learning a new language requires the brain to constantly process and retain new information, leading to increased brain function and mental agility.

In conclusion, learning Spanish is becoming increasingly important in today’s world and provides a range of benefits, both personally and professionally. Whether it is for personal enrichment, travel experiences, or career advancement, learning Spanish is a valuable skill that can open up new opportunities and perspectives.

And, if all of this has not convinced you yet… do it for the food & wine. That will be enough, guaranteed.

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