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Spanish at the 2022 Hong Kong Book Fair

Saying HOLA from Wan Chai!

Our Director Billy Chan and Academic Coordinator Cristina Serra meet with Spanish Consul General Miguel Bauzá, and Chanceller Fernando Roldán, at our booth at the Hong Kong Book Fair 2022.

Because we are the only school in Hong Kong to be Accredited by Spain’s Cervantes Institute, we have received the endorsement of the Spanish government.

We strive to maintain our teaching quality to their high standards, and to bring the best of the Spanish world to everyone in Hong Kong!

我地嘅學校總監Billy Chan及學術總監Cristina Serra 於2022年書展攤位,與西班牙駐香港領事館代表Fernando Roldán及Miguel Bauzá會面。

Spanish World係全港唯一獲西班牙塞萬提斯學院認證嘅學校,多年來榮獲西班牙政府認可。


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