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Spanish Cinema Club

Film Fans 🎞️ Take Note! Our Dr. Carlos has selected four great movies for our Hispanic Cinema Club!

We’ll meet online on Wednesday nights to gain important context about these Spanish-language films, before you can watch the movies on your own time.

Then log in once more for a Saturday recap and review. Our first film will be 🎦 Fe de Etarras (2017) or ‘Bomb Scared,’ a dark comedy about the Basque separatist movement in Spain.

Future films include:

🎦 La Trinchera Infinita (2019)

🎦 El Bar (2017)

🎦 Roma (2018)

No matter if you’ve seen them or never seen them, you will learn something about the film and something about Hispanic culture through each of these amazing works of art! Nurture your inner film fanatic and feed your Spanish curiosity with us!

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