Spanish World’s Comunica DELE Student Success!

How to measure success at learning – and teaching – Spanish?

One benchmark, and worthy goal for any student, is the Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera, or DELE Exam.

➡️ Administered by Spain’s Cervantes Institute, the DELE is a comprehensive Spanish exam, testing writing, reading, listening, and speaking abilities. Students who pass are bestowed with a lifetime accreditation at their tested CEFR level: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, or the highest level, C2.

Spanish World has helped thousands of students pass the DELE during our 16 years teaching in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. But the latest group of exam-takers has given us a new cause for celebration!

Bonnie, Felicia, and Crystal started their Spanish journeys using our original Comunica Method, as participants in our “pilot group.” It was to our delight and satisfaction to see them all pass the DELE on their first attempts!


Congratulations to these amazing A1-approved students.  And to their teacher Erick, and their wonderful tech-support / admin / Spanish-motivation specialist, Lilibetm.  We salute all of your great efforts!

➡️ Our method combines traditional group classes (online or via ZOOM) with self-paced digital lessons, in a blend of structure and flexibility that keeps students engaged and motivated by their own progress.

Since our first course we have begun offering this unique curriculum in both private lesson format, and as a standalone digital package of 12+ hours of videos, audio clips, quizzes, and more.

We’re making it easy for interested students of all styles, with diversified Spanish goals, to greatly improve their communication in this beautiful language. Find out how the Comunica Method can work for you; send us a message today!

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